What you will find in la Séquia

La Séquia is part of the history of Catalonia

Knowing La Séquia allows you to discover the essence of Bages

What you will find walking through the Séquia


The importance of the city of Manresa during the Middle Ages and its transformation into an active commercial and industrial city is evident throughout the town center.
In Manresa you can discover, among other places, the medieval Carrer del Balç, the awesome La Seu building, the hills that dominate the city and the modernist extension around Pere III Avenue.

This is a walking tour through medieval and contemporary history.

Irrigation fields of Manresa

L’aigua de la Séquia va permetre transformar en regadiu bona part del terme.

Pels  ramals del Poal i de Viladordis podem descobrir dues zones agrícoles de Manresa on encara es conreen varietats locals.

Industrial landscape

In the process of industrialization of Catalonia during the 18th century, the city of Manresa specialized in silk fabrics and, later, weaving of cotton ribbons. There are signs of this industry all over the city.

The loom collection of the Museu de la Tècnica de Manresa, one of the most important ones in Europe, tells us about the technical evolution of the fabric and the textile history of the city.

We offer you a guided itinerary through the history of the textile industry.

Geopark of Central Catalonia

The mountain of Montserrat and the Salt mountain of Cardona are two examples of the geological complexity of a territory that arose from an inland sea of 36 million years ago. The Geopark shows us a very diverse geological heritage, related to the processes of landform formation and it’s use by the population.

Discover the geological complexity of el Bages with geotourism proposals: dry Stone constructions, Wine tours, Montserrat, caves, etc.

DO Pla de Bages

The expansion of the vineyard that transformed the landscape of the land between 1860 and 1890, there is the historical memory, remains of the crop everywhere and a small group of wineries that working in the DO Pla de Bages wants to recover local varieties and make wines that express the uniqueness of the territory.

Booking a visit to the wineries and a wine taste.

Bages products

The Bages region maintains an important agricultural and livestock tradition that is reflected in many varieties of local vegetables, cheeses and wines with which we can recall flavors of the past.

We can visit the producers, taste the local varieties, discover the production techniques and recipes that are still alive.

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