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Camins de la Séquia is a tourist project

Camins de la Séquia is the tourist project that the Parc de la Sèquia Foundation offers to the public to enjoy a unique and singular heritage.

La Séquia Path

Camins de la Séquia is the proposal that the Parc de la Séquia Foundation has developed to show the heritage of la Séquia to all visitors.

Camins de la Séquia brings together the tourist products where you can discover the route, the villages which it passes through, the natural and cultural landscape, etc.

Tourist product

We ask to each provider:

Introduce the natural, historical and social heritage related to la Séquia.

Walk slowly la Séquia to discover our heritage.

Help environmental sustainability, including local businesses and encourage the consumption of local products.

It allows to bring value to a unique and singular heritage, that has shaped the landscape and the social and economic history of the central Catalonia.

Parc de la Séquia

Parc de la Sèquia is the institution that manages the facilities linked to la Séquia of Manresa and disseminates the importance of water for the human development.

In the same way that the medieval canal (14th century) has been important for the progress of Manresa and the Pla de Bages, we understand water as the fundamental element for the development of local economies, the quality of life and the culture of a land. Working between water and territory, the Parc de la Séquia develops outreach, leisure and tourism activities aimed for families, groups and schools.

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Safe Travel badge

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travel badge recognizes us for the safety and prevention measures we have implemented against the COVID-19.


Biosphere certificate

We are a collaborating entity of the Geopark of Central Catalonia in which we are certified with the Biosphere Tourism Sustainability Commitment seal.

Facilities of el Parc de la Séquia

Facilities of el Parc de la Séquia

The Parc de la Séquia Foundation manages different spaces and facilities that have a direct link with la Séquia de Manresa and the role that its water has played for the economic, social and cultural development of the territory and its people. We take care of these places, value them, and turn them into value generators for the population.

Can Font - Water Center

The Water Center is a place for interpretation, experimentation and dissemination about the importance of water for human development. It is the headquarters of el Parc de la Sèquia.

Manresa Museum of Technology

The monumental building of the Old Deposits (with a capacity for 12 million liters of water) houses the Museum of Technology of Manresa, with permanent exhibitions linked to water and the progress of the city and versatile and versatile spaces that house some of the great events of central Catalonia.

Agulla Park

It is the largest park in el Bages and the most important leisure place in the city of Manresa. Since 1974, its central lake has been storing the water provided by the Séquia and has been used as a reserve for homes in Manresa, with a capacity of around 200 million liters.

Casa de la Culla

The house of la Culla was one of the most important farmhouses of Manresa, which has maintained its medieval structure and vegetable gardens.

La Culla is the headquarters of the Bages learning Camp, and the Regulatory Council of the Pla de Bages, Wine Designation of Origin.


Located in the l’Agulla Park in Manresa, InfoSéquia is an interpretation center of la Séquia and also an information point for visitors. Here you can learn about the historical, heritage and environmental values of la Séquia and their territory.

La Séquia

La Séquia is the medieval canal (14th century) that has made possible the progress of Manresa and the agricultural development of a large part of the Pla de Bages land. It is a truly memorable experience: temples, fortifications, hydraulic works, farmhouses and natural spaces transformed by water that helps us to understand the origin of this inland territory, in the heart of Catalonia.

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