How to arrive to la Séquia

The best way to enjoy the Séquia is by public transport

La Séquia is connected to Manresa and Barcelona by bus

How to arrive

Where is la Séquia de Manresa

Camins de la Séquia route is placed in the central part of the Bages region.

It starts in Balsareny, where it goes first to la Resclosa (dam) dels Manresans, on the river Llobregat passing by the castle of Balsareny. From here, the route runs next to the river Llobregat and after Sallent, in the Botjosa district, it separates from the Llobregat river towards the church of Santa Anna de Claret and Santpedor village (where the fooball player and trainer Josep Guardiola was born). Later, through an agricultural area with great panoramic views, it heads towards the Parc de l’Agulla and enters Manresa. The route connects Can Font farmhouse and the Manresa Technical Museum, next to the bus station.

Access by public transport

Per accedir a la Séquia us recomanem el transport públic.

To reach la Séquia we recommend to use public transport. In Balsareny, the starting point of the Camins de la Séquia, as well as in Sallent or La Botjosa, you can get there with the L225 bus line from Manresa or Barcelona.
If you want to reach the central part, we recommend using the L489 bus that connects Manresa with Santpedor.
Once you have completed Camins de la Séquia route, from Manresa you can use the L225 bus line or the traint, Ferrocarrils Catalans or Rodalies Renfe.

This guide includes information on:

You have a guide prepared for those who have decided to leave the car at home and use some of the available public transport options.

This guide includes information on:

  • Options available to reach la Séquia by public transport from Manresa and Barcelona.
  • The accommodations you will find along la Séquia.
  • The phone number of neighboring taxis.

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